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MadOS is an oporating system written in C,for the x86 platform. It is open source and realeased under the GNU General Public License (GPL). It is currently being worked on by Madmonky1, for Half Sane. It might have more people working on it soon, but for now it is just a learning experience for me. Maybe someday it could have graphics and all that cool stuff, but that is far off from the current text kernel, that boots in grub (GRand Unified Bootloader).

Recent News:

10:08 AM 1/19/2003: Just realeased MadOS version 0-2-1, now when you press the enter key the screen scrolls. Fixed this webpage to match the new Half Sane Layout. A new version with GTD/IDT/working exeption handleing could be coming soon...

9:53 AM 1/4/2003: I have put this website up on the web, first realease of MadOS coming soon, plus some more content on this mini-website.

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